Wet Goldendoodle Kisses


Maddie as a baby! Maddie is who started Wet goldendoodlekisses 
Maddie has produced so many beautiful babies!

                                                                 Maddie groomed and not groomed!

Nora is our f2B Mini she weighs 24 lb and will have babies soon.

Jaci is our Mini F2B

Goldendoodle she is Maddie's Daughter. She has produced beautiful babies with Winchester. expecting babies Oct 1,2020

Angel is our f1b Girl she is Cali's Daughter she is expecting gorgeous babies with Toby our F1b boy.

Charlie our Standard Red Poodle Stud

Toby is our f1b stud! He is 45 lb and has remarkable babies.

This is Marley our 32 lb Poodle. This will be her first litter of puppers with Toby! Expecting some amazing colors..

This sweet girl is Luna! She is about 30lb and will be having her first babies with Derby who is around 25lb  

Derby isn't ours but he is gonna make some awesome babies!! We have few open spots for wait list on these two…...